Duration (weeks): 5 Language: English Seats: 15
Start date: 28 January Sales start: 28 January
How it works?
Lecture videos and homework assignment are released at the beginning of each week. Students can interact with each other on a dedicated discord channel and instructor will join from time to time to check the overall progress. At the end of each week there will be a feedback session and every student will get a personal feedback from instructor.

What do you need for this course?

This course is for level intermediate and above, not for beginners. However, we are planning to do a separate course for beginners.
Students can use any software of their choice
Skills both in 2D and 3D are more than welcome

What will you study each week?

What type of work a concept artist do on films. How to organise your workflow on a brief with tight deadlines.
We will create an environment for a movie using 2D and 3D techniques. Starting from organising your references, Jama will show you how to create a cinematic composition.
We will create a character and/or creature for a movie. You will learn how to archive believable and dynamic characters and how to avoid static poses.
We will create a vehicle and/or a prop for a movie. Also, Jama will teach you how to work with a production designer and other artists working on the same movie.
We will create keyframes for a movie by using all the knowledge covered in the previous weeks. Also, you will learn how to make a proper portfolio and market yourself as a professional artist.

What will you get after finishing this course?

A complete understanding of what is expected from you when working in the film industry
You will learn how to work with a brief and a feedback from directors and also how to deal with tight deadlines.
You will learn how to create environments, characters and vehicles for movies using 2D and 3D approaches.
You will get a guide on how to land a job in studios, negotiate contracts and market yourself on a highly competitive market.
You will get a personal feedback from Jama.
Course Content

28 January

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Jama Jurabaev


Jama has worked on such movies as “X-men: Days of future past”, “The guardians of the galaxy 1-2”, “Terminator 5”, “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and many others.
Created creatures for such movies as “Kong: Skull island” and “Fantastic Beasts”.
Designed a few main characters for Steven Spielberg`s “Ready Player One”.
Worked as an art-director on “Jurassic World 2” and “Aladdin”.
Has worked at the biggest studios in the world such as MPC, Framestore and Industrial Light &Magic.
Currently Jama is working as concept artist at Lucasfilm.