Concept art for films - Start date: 28 January
In order to work as a concept artist on a movie it`s not just be able to draw or paint pretty pictures. This course will give your in-depth knowledge on how to work in movie industry led by a professional working at Lucasfilm.
О Курсе
Длительность курса (недели): 5 Язык: Русский Осталось мест: 0
How it works?
Lecture videos and homework assignment are released at the beginning of each week. Students can interact with each other on a dedicated discord channel and instructor will join from time to time to check the overall progress. At the end of each week there will be a feedback session and every student will get a personal feedback from instructor.

Что вам нужно знать, уметь и иметь при себе, чтобы этот курс был вам полезен:

This course is for level intermediate and above, not for beginners. However, we are planning to do a separate course for beginners.
Students can use any software of their choice
Skills both in 2D and 3D are more than welcome

Что вы будете изучать на каждой неделе:

What type of work a concept artist do on films. How to organise your workflow on a brief with tight deadlines.
We will create an environment for a movie using 2D and 3D techniques. Starting from organising your references, Jama will show you how to create a cinematic composition.
We will create a character and/or creature for a movie. You will learn how to archive believable and dynamic characters and how to avoid static poses.
We will create a vehicle and/or a prop for a movie. Also, Jama will teach you how to work with a production designer and other artists working on the same movie.
We will create keyframes for a movie by using all the knowledge covered in the previous weeks. Also, you will learn how to make a proper portfolio and market yourself as a professional artist.
Содержание Курса

28 January

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