Start date: Soon Character design for animation projects

Max Kostenko
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Duration (weeks): 5 Language: English Seats: 15
Start date: Soon Start date: To be announced
How it works?
Lecture videos and homework assignment are released at the beginning of each week. Students can interact with each other on a dedicated discord channel and instructor will join from time to time to check the overall progress.Monday and Fridays of each week there will be a graphic feedback

What do you need for this course?

The course is designed for an average level, so Max will expect that you will know your tool (tablet, pencil, paints, etc.) and be able to use it.
Max will work in Photoshop, so you need to understand how to work with this tool. However, you can do your homework by drawing and by hand, if you wish.
You will also need a computer with a browser installed to view lectures, Internet access and the tools you prefer to do your homework (creating animated characters).

What will you study each week?

We draw children on the basis of simple shapes (circle, square, triangle).
We draw grandmothers or grandfathers (older person)
We draw men and study the basic anatomical features. Learn to simplify them.
Stylization of woman characters, where we take a real photo as a basis.
We learn to combine the anatomy of people and animals.

What will you get after finishing this course?

Learn to create the TOP-5 of the most popular types of characters in the animation industry.
Learn how to analyze characters using examples from famous artists and work out the skill of understanding that the designer laid the foundation.
You will know 4 different ways to making of charaters
You will learn to work with forms and stylize anything.
You will create five characters that you will disassemble and finalize together with Max Kostenko.
You will understand how to abstract from understanding what you are doing a human or an animal and why it is important.
Course Content

1. Kids.

The first lesson will be devoted to children. We will analyze the main and secondary forms, learn to see the figures in each character and work with them. Consider the main stages of building characters. And create characters based on simple shapes.

2. Elderly character.

In the second week we will consolidate the knowledge gained in the first, but on more complex examples. This time the object of our study will be older characters. we will work with broken and smooth shapes, with elements of clothing as part of the image and methods of simplification.

3. Men

The main theme of the third lesson will be the creation of male image using a simplified skeleton. Using this approach is very easy to simplify or complicate the work.

4. Girls.

In the fourth week, we will study the method of styling from a photograph and how to avoid mindless copying and make the work more interesting.

5. Animals.

Last week will be devoted to anthropomorphic animals and the peculiarities of their creation. And also this week the work will be close to the real conditions of the project. You will receive a brief on character creation and will send results and receive feedback, edits and additions every evening.

Sold out! Next group coming soon.

Max Kostenko


Make a creatures for the movie “Monster Trucks”. He worked as lead designer for the full-length animated film “DEEP” for the Spanish studio “The ThinkLab”.
He worked as a creature designer for the movie “Fantastic Beasts I, II”
Developed pokemon for the film “Detective Pikachu”, which will be released in 2019.
He worked in the Paramount studio with Oscar-winning director of pirates of the Caribbean Gore Verbinski on the characters of the new secret film, whose name is still kept secret.
Since 2018, working as a freelance designer in the studio Dreamworks Animation
Examples of student work